Happy Money


Happy Money’s goal is to enable people to use money as a tool for their happiness by creating and providing accessible, reasonably priced financial products and services.

How we're permanently altering the
lending landscape

We think personal loans might be an instrument to assist you in reaching your objectives.

You’ll have more time to pursue your passions because our loans are designed with ease of use and transparency in mind. With our affordable interest rates and flexible payment plans, we help you save money.

In order to provide accessible financial instruments for everyone, we prioritise the best interests of our members by collaborating with Credit Unions and community-focused lending partners.

Over, Happy Money has provided assistance.

300,000 members

since its founding, collaborating
with lending partners who prioritise customers
to support more than

$6 billion

Regarding private loans


Hustle, Love, and Trust

Our culture is based on our principles, which permeate everything we do. Our mission is to live up to Love, Trust, and Hustle in all we do, from the goods we create to our yearly review procedure to the way we interact with our clients.


We demonstrate love by working cooperatively with others, being open to different viewpoints, and acting empathetically.


We demonstrate trust by being open and honest in both receiving and providing feedback, as part of our radically transparent culture.


We exhibit hustle by being driven to expand and by being proactive in solving issues as we go.